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Whats Your Why? 🤷‍♂️

Why do you do what you do? Whats the driving force behind what you do?

Its an important question i ask all of my clients. Its amazing the answers i get, they range from freedom of living, to doing what they love every day.

So whats my Why? Why do i love helping small businesses get and keep customers?

Having been in business for the last 10 years, I’ve been through the mill, theres been some great achievements but also some really low points, I’m a fighter and i dont give up easily. Through my own experience i know and understand what its like when there isnt enough customers coming through the doors, and your struggling to pay the bills. Its a horrible place to be, and for a small business it could be the end.

You see, most business owners set up because they are really good at what they do, but sadly they struggle with things like marketing and actually running a business. Theres some great businesses out there that have great potential but the owner doesnt really know what they are doing.

But this is what really excites me, i talk to lots of business owners every week, and i love it, i love how creative and passionate they are about their business, and the plans that they have for expansion and the goals and dreams they have.

Sadly a lot of the time i can see that without a lot of help they wont ever get there.

So i try my best to give them some pointers, to help them along. Of course its up to them to take the action, thats not my job, im not a done for you service, im there to help open minded business owners that are really passionate about their business to succeed. because if the business owner is really passionate, i can get passionate and excited about it to, which creates better ideas to try and experiment with to help move them forwards.

The thing is its brave business owners who put up their hand and ask for help.

So if your a brave, passionate business owner that knows deep down they need some help to get and keep customers and have a meaningful impact on their lives, feel free to book a free 1-1 with me for 30 mins

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