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Having the right tool for the job is something that we will all have come across at some point in our lives, from school right up to the end. We need tools to do a job, having the right tool makes the job easier and more efficient than a tool that does the job but not as well.

For example, I’ve recently come across 2 different tools that are simple yet for the task in hand are a game changer. Firstly, I love a boiled egg in my salad and I used to always cut it into slices with a sharp knife, now it gets the job done but not as well as an egg slicer does, an egg slicer is the perfect yet simple tool to create equal slices of an egg really easily. Game changer, as I can now have a nicely cut boiled egg in my salad. The second one is a Spot weld cutter, now this is in essence a mini hole saw with a pilot pin in. This tool is used for cutting around spot welds when your restoring a classic car to change the rotten panels. Previously I would have spent an age cutting and working away with the angle grinder to achieve the result. This new tool does the job in half the time, and in an easier and cleaner way. For a classic car restoration, it’s a game changer.

So, let’s put this into business, any business has systems it uses, be it the way you organise your orders or appointments, to how you pack and dispatch orders. There is a system there, there is a way that you do things, a system.

Now when I first joined the Entrepreneurs Circle, I was shown so many new ideas and things that I had never even thought of to put into my business and way of doing things that when I put them into place just exploded the order book. Around 2 years ago Nigel and the team started to collect all this vast information and build it into a system, a system that guarantees the rhythmic acquisition of customers for any business. Because as we all know getting and keeping customers is the best thing for any business, and if we can rhythmically bring those customers in, we will have a successful business.

So, after trialling the system with a few EC members it proved that it would work, and was duly rolled out to EC members myself included. When I started to implement the system into my own businesses’ I could see straight away that this was a system that worked, my order book started to increase, my mailing list subscribers grew and I was getting more and more customers each month.

Now this system I have learnt from both sides having been through the EC’s coaching program, this system when put into place will grow your business, not over night, but you will see real progress month on month. In these uncertain times wouldn’t you like to have that system in place in your business? I know I would, and that’s why only smart business owners are the ones who are going to survive this period of uncertainty because they have a team, a mentor and a system in place to help them get the customers they need, to not only sustain, but also grow.

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