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I could phrase it as a question and see if you give the right answer, sadly 80% of business owners get the answer wrong.

So, what is the most important task that every business owner should do every single day?

Take your time to think of the answer as I now try and guide you to it. In most businesses you have a driving force behind you whether its to provide for your family, buy a nice house, pay for private education, buy an expensive car, go on big expensive holidays etc. ask your self where does the money come from to pay for it? Simply your customers.

The most important asset to any business, is not the staff, its not the products, its not the guarantees, its your customers. Your customers who pay you their hard-earned cash, for whatever product or service you are providing them.

Now smart business owners will have got that already, that at the end of each month the bills need paying so I need to earn X to break even each month.

So, if I ask the main question again; What is the most important task that every business owner should do every single day?

Your answer should be somewhere along the lines of:

Getting and keeping enough customers so that one way or another everything else is taken care of.

Because when you get and keep enough customers so that one way or another everything else is taken care of, life becomes easy, because your bills are covered, you can save and work towards that nice car, the new big house, the family holiday etc.

Your most important task each day as a business owner is getting and keeping customers.

So, what have you done today to achieve that?

Those business owners in the 80% will come up with excuses like, I’ve been really busy, I’ve packed orders, I’ve been to the post office, I’ve had meetings, I’ve done the accounts, etc

Rubbish. Yeah you have been busy, doing all the stuff you don’t need to do, you haven’t prioritised, you haven’t spent any time getting and keeping customers which, you need, to build your business, to pay your bills to give you the life style and financial freedom that you want. You’ve been stuck in the weeds doing the not so essential jobs; you haven’t focused as a business owner on the single most important thing you need to do. Get and keep customers.

So how do you turn this around, how do you create time to get and keep customers? How much time do you need to spend? How do you get and keep customers?

I’ll now answer those 3 questions

Creating time to get and keep customers right now is your number 1 priority, you need to find time each day to really focus down and work on getting and keeping customers, to do this you want to ensure that you have zero distractions, that means no emails, no phones, no interruptions what so ever, this is your golden time to focus on the thing that’s going to bring you customers and the financial freedom you desire. You have to be rigid and serious with this, if you have staff or if you’re working from home with family let them know that under any circumstances this time you cannot be interrupted. If needs be put a do not disturb sign on your door. The only time you should be interrupted when your doing this is if it is a real emergency, such as the building is on fire or one of your family has been rushed to A&E etc.

Its really important that everyone understands this, and you take no prisoners if you get disturbed during this time.

So how much time should I spend working on getting and keeping customers?

Well ideally 90 mins a day, every day. Why 90 mins? well 90 mins is the optimum focus time that your brain has, it works in 90 min chunks. Now you may think that’s a lot of time each day, but when you know that its 90 mins being spent on your most important task each day, and you have made it a priority because you know that getting and keeping customers is the most important thing for any business, you know that 90 mins a day is a small sacrifice to make, given it can be the most rewarding part of your day.

So how do you get and keep customers, what do you do in the 90 mins?

In each of your 90 mins sessions, you need to focus on what is going to get customers through the door, be that a physical door on your shop or the door on your website. Now there’s lots of things you can do in the 90 mins to get and keep customers, you can plan your marketing campaigns, wite blogs, plan videos, write letters, create leaflets, update your business directories, sort your adverts out, draw up your dream list of customers, create your portfolios, come up with ideas on how to get new customers etc. there is plenty to go at, and surprisingly it becomes easier the more you do this.

The more you get into the rhythm of focusing yourself for 90 mins a day to get and keep customers the more ideas you come up with. You wont create a leaflet in one 90 min session it may take 2 or even 3, but by focusing your time, you know that its going to be the best leaflet you have ever produced with all the clear info and calls to action on it, its not just something that’s been thrown together in an afternoon, it’s a quality marketing asset.

So, when should you do your 90 mins?

Ideally first thing in the morning, when you get into your office. This is when your mind is freshest and there hasn’t been many if any other distractions to get in the way and make your mind wander, so you can focus better.

Just to be clear, this 90 min chunk of your day, is not to deal with customers, business problems, social media, or anything like that it is 100% for you to focus on getting and keeping customers, because that’s your number 1 priority.

To help you find focus, on what you should do in your 90 mins, ask yourself the focusing question:

“What’s the one thing, I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Those of you who have been smart and read “The One Thing” should recognise this question, this question allows you to find the top priority job that you must do, to be able to achieve your goal not just for today, but that then that leads to achieving your weekly goal, monthly goal, yearly goal, 5 year goal etc.

When you add the focusing question into your 90 mins focused chunk, you know that what you are doing is the most important thing right now to get you on the right path to achieve your long-term goals, because you are getting the small goals done, which add up to get the big goals.

Now you may find that you struggle to work out what to do to get and keep customers, and that’s ok, because that’s where having a business mentor on your side will help you, a business mentor is like a personal trainer but rather than for your health and fitness it’s for your business. A business mentor will help keep you accountable, will help guide you, give advice, new suggestions, ways to improve things to help you reach your goals. To help you get and keep customers.

I’m more than happy to have a chat with any business owner about helping them get and keep customers, and as an EC certified coach, I have a wealth of knowledge, support, tools and most importantly a system that has been proven over 1000’s of businesses to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. There fore helping you to get and keep customers, the most important thing you need in your business.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you with getting and keeping customers in your business, then click the book a call button and let’s have a chat

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