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Its Pride Month, so its rainbow flags galore.

As an LGBTQ+ business this IS the month to get some serious sales, and whilst you may not agree with the big corporate groups jumping on the rainbow band wagon, they will because its like their second Christmas, they know as you do, that if it’s got a rainbow on it, it will sell really well in June.

There’s no hiding from that, and it’s the way the world is. In a lot of ways its nice to see businesses and organisations being open to even do something to acknowledge pride, a few years ago this would not have happened, so its progress. However sadly most will drop it all as soon as 1 July roles around, a big shame in a lot of ways.

However, if your one of the many 1000’s of LGBTQ+ owned businesses it is time for you too, to take advantage of the month. This is the time when a lot of allies will spend a lot of money with you because they want to be seen as supporting an LGBTQ+ business in pride month. So yes, they will buy pretty much anything that has a rainbow on it, or that has some sort of connection to our community.

This is where having a proper sales process in place with a good follow up sequence can really help you to maximise your income for the months following pride. Being on trend and the flavour of the month is no good when its only one month a year. To have a successful business you need to have good sales all year around, you need to show that you’re not just a pride pop up shop, but that you’re a serious business, that’s as good as any other business out there in your sector.

Thing is you can do a lot of things very easily and in a cost-effective manner, here’s a couple of suggestions to help you to maximise some sales this month:

  • Post on social media every day, I mean it, every single day get something out on all your social channels. But don’t just do sales posts, mix it up with a bit of LGBTQ+ history, do some shout outs to the various community charities and groups, and of course talk about yourself too, people buy from people!
  • If you sell products with rainbow flags on get them out there, make them visible and easy to buy, and put the price up on them too!
  • Make sure you capture your customers details, for your follow up sequence.
  • Connect and network with other LGBTQ+ owned businesses, lets support each other

Finally make sure you enjoy yourself, be proud of who you are! You are special, you are important, you are part of a fantastic community that stands together, fights together.

Pride is a protest, the rights we have, have been hard won over many years of oppression. Pride wasn’t “given” to us by corporate groups making it into a carnival, it was fought for by drag queens, and trans men and women throwing bricks and taking a stand, its by lesbians and queer women looking after gay men dying from Aids in the face of international government neglect. Pride is as important now as it was back in the 80’s after the Stonewall Riots.

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