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So Yesterday wasn’t one of the best days for me, I’ve had mental health struggles for the past 5 years or so, and in the main I’ve overcome the issues, but that doesn’t stop them coming back and having a go every now and then, and yesterday that was one such day.

So yesterday I was finishing off on closing up some things from my old business, yes, its sadly still dragging on, but needs doing. I got frustrated, I got annoyed, I so incredibly f*cked off with it all. You know what it ruined my day, because I wasn’t able to do what I enjoy, because I’m still sadly having to deal with the aftermath of that business. It’s an unwelcome distraction and annoyance in my life, its feels like its holding me back, and there’s sadly very little I can do about it at the moment.

After chatting with my close friends, and calming down enough I came to realise and remember that its ok to get angry and let it out on occasions, it’s a human emotion it needs to be released and exercised. We all have things that hold us back, we all have things that we get annoyed about and upset with. Its ok, you are allowed to let it out (when its appropriate to do so).

So, what does getting angry and frustrated have to do with running a business?

Well, its super important, as a business owner you are 100% responsible for where you and your business ends up, its not your accountant, not your staff, not your marketing team, its you. So how do you remain calm when things get under your skin? Well for the most part its your mindset, a positive mindset will find solutions, a negative mindset will only find problems. Now we bounce between positive and negative mindsets all the time, its hard work to remain in a positive mindset all the time, yet a negative one is very easy to fall into and stay in.

Your ability to recognise when you’re in a negative mindset will be your most powerful ally, to trigger you to make the shift back to a positive one.

So how do you do it?

Well, like me, you can read a lot of books on the mind and self-improvement, and providing you implement the teachings you will slowly make yourself a better you. However, you can start with a simple question:

“What is this trying to teach me?”

Almost as soon as you ask this question, your brain moves to the positive as its trying to find a solution, a silver lining to the issue you are currently facing.

There is always a solution to any negative situation, it might be difficult to find and come up with but it is there, even if it hurts to have to do it.

As a business owner you will always have to find solutions, there will always be problems to overcome, be it finding customers, paying the bills, getting the books done etc. There is always a list of tasks that need doing and solutions to be found. On occasions you will find that those things that are holding you back just need to be let go, get them dealt with and move forwards as quickly as you can do.

So, what did I learn yesterday? What was the solution or silver lining?

Well, it’s that I’m no longer supposed to be doing that work anymore, it no longer gives me any joy or fuels my passion, and the sooner its done with, the better. That I need to allow myself to let my frustration out rather than bottling it up, I’ve been focused so long on being calm and positive, I actually forgot that its ok to let it out. Also, like everything it to will pass, and today has been a better day.

When you get days and situations with setbacks, its important to remember that the archer has to draw the arrow back, before it can fly at speed towards its target. No business, or life in general ever goes in a straight line on a growth plan, there will always be set backs and issues. How we deal with them sets us up on course to move forwards towards our target.

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