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Hey There,

Let me Introduce myself, I’m Kevin and I’m The Lifestyle Business Coach.

Unlike most other business coaches, I’m not here to help you with your marketing I’m here to help you get in the right mindset to run your business successfully, through the power of concentration.

As a firm believer that the business starts with the owner. If you the owner are not in the right place mentally the business wont be either. Running a business can be really enjoyable but its also really hard work. Keeping on top of your mental state is vital especially when you dont have enough customers coming in to pay the bills, buy materials or stock and pay your wages, it can be very difficult, and can often feel like the world is against you.

When we first started our businesses we never wanted to accept a mediocre life. We wanted to succeed. We had those dreams and goals we wanted to achieve. However, more often than not small business owners struggle, because while they are good at what they do, they are not great at running a business or managing their time and/or money. Theres so many hats to wear as a business owner, even more so if your on your own.

This of course leads to stress, we then struggle to focus and concentrate on the things that will move our business forwards, leading to more stress and it all snowballs as we become irritable, down, and generally not feeling good.

Sound familiar?

I know that pain. I know how it feels to have less than no money in the bank, you’re struggling to get customers spending money because your marketing isnt up to scratch, because you’ve not been able to really focus on it properly and make it awesome.

What if i was to tell you it doesnt have to be that way. That you can live the life that you want and deserve to have. That running your business can be enjoyable. That by implementing a few proven techniques that have been around for 1000’s of years, you can learn how to concentrate free from distraction, allowing you to make the improvements to your marketing, therefore helping you to increase sales and profits but also allowing you to live a more organised and free lifestyle that you really desire.

You were NEVER Taught how to concentrate

Its a bold statement but its true! at school you will typically have been told to concentrate more, but no one has ever taught you how to concentrate.

When you know how to concentrate, without distraction, you can achieve so much more with your life and your business. You see, as humans we love distractions and in todays tech world theres loads that can easily pull us away from what we need to really focus on. Be it social media scrolling, our phones, emails, other people disturbing us etc.

We are well practiced in the art of distraction, because we have never been taught how to concentrate properly. Nor do we practice concentration and focus.

This is where i come in.

Having studdied concentration and focus as part of my recovery from depression and anxiety on my path to self improvement. I have learnt so many things that anyone can easily do to learn the basics and improve their concentration efforts. By applying these skills to your business, you can create better more engaging marketing, you can get more clarity on where you want to go, you can develop better skills when dealing with customers and staff, you can build better and deeper relationships with your family and friends, you can get more out of the things you enjoy.

Simply by being focused.

Additionally by being focused i can help you:

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About Me, Who am I?

I’m Kevin, I’m 34 and live in Stockport. Aside from running my businessess I like to keep fit so do a lot of cycling either on my own or out with the Pride Out Group, I also have my own home gym where i do my workouts and rowing. I’m an active member of the local brass band where i not only play but also help to organise the publicity and general running of the band. I enjoy a wide variety of music, everything from classical, film and some modern music. My favourite bands/artists include Queen, David Bowie and Years & Years.

In the world of business i have over 10 years experience running a number of businesses of my own and helping others with theirs. My first business grew out of being made redundant, where i used my practical hands on skills to restore classic cars from rusty wrecs to show winners. I learnt a lot from this business and successfully turned around its initial misfortune to a profit making beast.

My second business takes on another of my hobbies, its an online model railway shop that sells all the detailing kits and accessories. In the last 5 years this has grown significantly to now boast over 1000 different products, shipped all over the world. While a lot of the products are pocket money prices it regularly pulls a substantial profit each and every month. Incidently im also the Chairman of the local model railway club.

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